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Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School


Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

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Game Summary

8 months ago by Sherry Miklusicak

CoEd Varsity Bowling vs. East Grand Rapids HS School

Game Date
Jan 21, 2019

This is one of the most difficult write-ups I have had to do in my 4 years of coaching....

Here it is - we lost to East Grand Rapids - a team we have not lost to since I started coaching. EGR is a team that hasn't won a game this year. They are an improving team with a new coach this year in their defense.

It was very tough to watch. I thought the first Baker game must have been a fluke. I was very wrong. We found ourselves down 10-0 after Baker game two. You can't win Baker games when you have a 99 game. We are usually confused when we hit oil at the Clique. Just a week ago we had Baker games in the 180's. I am at a loss for words and so are our boys.

We needed to step it up in individuals. I guess match one's total pins said it all. It was most definitely not our night as we had a 666 team game.

Entering match two, we had already lost, but we did proceed to take 9 of the next 11 points. That is the good thing about this team is that they may get down, but they don't give up. Dillon Smith led all bowlers with a high game tonight of 223 and he fought for every pin all he rocked the pocket and got tapped repeatedly. Tapped is when you roll a great ball and get 9 pins when you expect a strike. Christian Courser added a fine 187 game.


Rumor has it the ladies came away with a win by a score of 26-4.  That is all the information I have at this point.

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