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Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School


Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

6 months ago

CoEd Varsity Bowling vs. Zeeland East HS School

Game Date
Dec 12, 2018

Girls:  Wayland 9 - Zeeland 21
The girls had their first taste of defeat tonight.

We knew we would have a close match today, but I felt really good going into the match as we had a very successful practice yesterday.

Wayland was down the after the first Baker game but bounced back and took the second Baker and the total as well. We are up 6-4.

In game one we lost 8 of our 9 possible points. We started game two in a stronger fashion, but ran out of juice at the end of the game. This very young team didn't give up and that says a lot about our future.

Our two highlights of the evening were by sophomore Kendra VanKoevering, who took both of her points and freshman Bella Harnish who led both boys and girls with a 180 game!


Boys:  Wayland 1 - Zeeland 29

We had one of our best Baker games this season so far, but Zeeland threw a 247 game against us. After that it was a long evening for the boys.

We had four games less than 100 tonight. That is pretty humbling for the boys (and the coach). We knew Zeeland had scores that were anywhere from 300 to 350 pins higher than we have had per game so we set some very small and makeable goal. Sadly, didn't come anywhere close to them.

We did have a bright spot tonight with the return of a gimpy Dillon Smith who took off his walking cast and bowled. He didn't do too bad considering he was basically missing his push off and driving ability and led our team.

We are looking forward to a couple of tournaments this weekend as things can only get better.



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