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Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School


Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

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Game Summary

10 months ago by Sherry Miklusicak

CoEd Varsity Bowling vs. Forest Hills Eastern HS School

Game Date
Feb 6, 2019

It was a hot night for senior  Jared Geerligs  on the lanes tonight! In the first game he had a personal best of 194. Little did we know that he would best his personal best with a 206 (his first 200 game!) Jared bowled with us as a freshman and we are fortunate to have him with us this year as he knew we needed the help. Thank you Jared as he took both of his points tonight.

After some weak performances by some of our starters over the last couple of matches, I felt it was a good opportunity give someone else a chance who has been practicing hard, improving, and looked good in warm-ups. Unfortunately, it was a struggle and the first Baker match was lost by only two pins.

In Baker game two, with a new substitution, the men jumped into a commanding lead with a 224 game. We were back on top 6 - 4 as we took total Baker pins as well

In the first match we only took two points out of 9. Seniors Jared Geerligs and Joe Laidler took their points.

In match two, we needed to take 9 of the remaining 11 points. Alan Beggs, Jared Geerligs, and Dillon Smith took their points. We need to give Joe Laidler a pat on the back as he gave it all he had in the tenth frame. He had either four or five strikes in a row and needed the first strike in the tenth to win his point. He threw one heck of a ball and rocked the pocket. It was such a powerful shot that it had to be a strike for sure! Oh my gosh, the rotten 9 pin dared to stay standing! Grrr...

Rats!!! We almost had our third win!

Wildcats keglers tie Forest Hills Eastern 15-15.




The lady wildcats rolled the best they have all year, but come up just shy of a win.

It was a great start for our ladies tonight as they jumped out to a commanding 10-0 lead after taking both Baker games with scores of 184 and 157.

Sophomore Kendra VanKoevering has been rolling the ball very well the last couple of matches and took her point in match one as did our fantastic freshman Bella Harnish. The lead had diminshed to 12 - 7.

The ladies only needed 4 of the remaining 11 points. It was VanKoevering who took the only point in match two. A couple of the other individual games were lost by a spare.

There was some outstanding bowling by Forest Hills Eastern's Brianna Boomer who shot an amazing 267 game and a 198 game.

Final score Wayland 13 - Forest Hills Eastern 17



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