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Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School


Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

4 months ago by Sherry Miklusicak

CoEd Varsity Bowling vs. Wyoming HS School

Game Date
Dec 5, 2018

Wayland Girls Varsity Bowling win 26 -4 

I like tradition. I like it when it continues. Tonight it continued with a Wayland girls win over the Wyoming Wolves 26 - 4.

Our Baker games of 119 and 116 were high enough to win tonight. Those will need to improve against some of the tougher teams.

Taking points for Wayland tonight were Hayley Taylor, Kendra VanKoevering (both points), Bella Harnish (both points), and Amber Beggs. High games were by Amber Beggs 170 and Bella Harnish 162.


Wayland Varsity Boys Bowling lose 2.5 - 27.5

It is a pretty tough start to the season. We were looking at four strong starters and that has quickly dwindled beyond our control. We hope for their return. We cannot dwell on what could have been and need to move forward.

We lost tonight 2.5 to 27.5 against the Wyoming Wolves. We need to become consistent with our first balls with a focus of hitting the head pin 80% to 90% before we can focus on converting easy spares. We are leaving difficult spares. This season will be about weekly improvement and personal finishes for our seniors, but I still hope for more

Highlights of the evening were senior Dillon Smith with a 221, taking his point. The other point was won by senior Christian Courser and freshman Mark Musgrave taking the half point for the tie.

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