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Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School


Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

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Game Summary

4 months ago by Sherry Miklusicak

CoEd Varsity Bowling vs. South Christian HS School

Game Date
Dec 3, 2018

Varsity Boys:

Wayland 10 - South Christian 20.
We were in the first Baker game but came up short in the last couple of frames and lost 156-169. The second Baker game was much worse for a sick and injured team as we lost 127-184.

Freshman Mark Musgrave saw his first varsity experience tonight and I was pleased with his bowling. As his confidence grows and spare shooting improves he will be a fine addition to our team. Senior Jarod Geerligs returned from a two year hiatus to help the team and even picked up an amazing 4-10 split. Rounding out the team tonight were the Oosterhouse brothers Max and Noah. Highlights of the evening were from senior Christian Courser who claimed both of his points with games of 180 and 156. Anchor and senior Dillon Smith led the Wildcat men with games of 191 and 243 taking his second point.

Varsity Girls:

Wayland 28 - South Christian 2

I was a bit nervous for our girls season to begin this year as we only have one returning starter - Amber Beggs.

South Christian has been one of our big competitors over the years and I was trying to keep my eye on Mike Omness' team as I was coaching my boys. Most of the matches were very close, but we dug deep and came out on top.

The ladies took Baker game 1 with a score of 107-96 and Baker game 2 with a score of 162-95.

Lainey Rollandini had scores of 121 and 69, winning her second point. Lainey is a sophomore and is much stronger this year and has gained confidence.

Haley Taylor: 103 won her first ever match as a freshman

Lilly Gates: 92 has never bowled before and is a freshman as well

Kendra VanKoevering: 141 and 92, taking both games in her sophomore year.

Bella Harnish: 141 and 124, taking both points. Bella has experience from junior leagues and will only improve as the season progresses.

Senior Anchor Amber Beggs: 182 and 180 winning both matches. I really like this girl as she is such a positive influence on the younger bowlers and has such a happy deameanor.

Enjoy your win, but never lose focus. Wednesday we will face the Wyoming Wolves so be ready to give your best effort.

Congratulations ladies! I am proud of you - let the winning tradition continue!


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