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3 weeks ago @ 11:29AM

MHSAA Spring Sports Update 3/24/21

Dear MHSAA Community,

The MHSAA has received additional information today from MDHHS regarding the updated epidemic order and the March 20 guidance for sports as it relates to rapid antigen testing. 

  1. Beginning on April 2, schools must complete an antigen test of athletes one time per week.  The first test must be completed between April 2-8, the second test between April 9-15, 16-22 (and so on).  There is no requirement that the antigen tests be completed before specific practices or contests; the order simply requires a weekly test of one time per week and schools have the flexibility to schedule the tests at any time within each week.  This applies to all high school and middle school teams with participants between the ages of 13-19.  Those 12 and younger may participate and are not required to complete rapid antigen testing.  Note that wrestlers qualified for the Individual Wrestling Finals will test the day before competition as they have all season.  Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final basketball teams will need to test once in the April 2-8 window.
  2. The first step is for schools is to complete the online MDHHS School Enrollment Form.  This needs to be done by all schools now, even those that have previously completed the online form for wrestling as this current online submission will provide the number of spring sport tests that are needed.  Note that one administrator from each school should complete this form once and order tests for all teams (do not complete this form for each individual team).  Here is the link:

  3. Once the School Enrollment Form is completed, schools should promptly make arrangements to pick up tests from your local intermediate school district facility.  This is how tests have been distributed since February for schools participating in winter sports testing.  Nonpublic schools need to use their ISD Code which your school administrators should be able to provide.
  4. Two forms must be completed for each student participant in the MDHHS program including the MI Safer Sports Participant Code of Conduct form and Consent form.  Here are the links to these two forms:
  5. The most challenging part of the process previously has been the online submission of test results to MDHHS.  The MHSAA has made a strong request for this process to become easier and more efficient for schools prior to the April 2 date.  We will continue to advocate and push for these result reporting process modifications.  We will keep you posted on this issue.
  6. Note the MDHHS website references a CLIA waiver for testing.  Know that the MHSAA has the CLIA waiver and schools are able to test students under our CLIA waiver.  There is nothing schools need to do relative to the CLIA waiver process.
  7. For personnel assisting with rapid testing, here are the two videos that must be viewed in advance of testing:
  8. Face Masks-  Face masks must be worn based on the following guidance for outdoor activity (practice and competition):
    • Contact Sports- Boys Lacrosse, Girls Lacrosse and Girls Soccer participants must wear face masks at all times.  This includes all participants, coaches and all other team personnel.
    • Non-Contact Sports- Baseball, Golf, Softball, Tennis and Track & Field participants must wear face masks at all times except when involved in active outdoor participation (in the game, during the round, during the match, during the race/event).  Coaches and all other team personnel must wear face masks at all times, including participants when on the bench, in the dugout, between individuals events, etc.
    • If practice or competition moves indoors, all individuals (participants, coaches, team personnel) must wear face masks. 
    • Six feet of physical distancing should be included in all activity whenever possible.
    • Please see each sport page on for 2021 Return to Play Guidelines for non-testing items.  Also note that MHSAA sport rules meetings were produced weeks ago and do not contain current COVID protocols.  The deadline for rules meeting completion and AD attestment is Thursday, April 15, 2021.

The MHSAA will continue to communicate with schools with new information as it becomes available.

Thank you.

Mark Uyl
MHSAA Executive Director
Phone: 517-332-5046

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