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Wildcats Athletics

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Wildcats Athletics

Wayland Union High School

Wildcats Athletics

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2 months ago @ 10:19AM

Clarification following executive orders on sports

Published September 11, 2020



Phase 5: 250 indoors, 500 outdoors. This number includes all people at the event.

Phase 4: Two (2) guests per participant for both indoor and outdoor events.


Spectators are required to wear face coverings and be physically distant from those not in the same household.


Each school will determine participants for games. When determining limits, consider the following:

Participants who are permitted two (2) guests include players, managers, administrators, coaches, officials and cheerleaders in uniform.

Essential Personnel are defined as media and event staff. All essential personnel must wear facial coverings and physically distance, and are not permitted guests.


A school may prohibit spectators entirely. However, if spectators are allowed, they must be permitted for BOTH participating schools with physical distancing in the stands required for those not from the same household.


The MHSAA has authority over two groups of students connected to football games: football players and sideline cheerleaders. These two groups are also covered by MHSAA insurance and therefore are determined to be participants for contests. Any other groups traditionally connected to football contests (e.g. bands, dance teams, color guard teams, flag corps, choral groups, pom teams, etc.) are not currently considered participants and are not permitted for Regions in Phase 4. This restriction is intended to minimize risk by limiting the number of individuals present at organized sporting events. For Regions in Phase 5, the outdoor limitation moves to 500 individuals and this would be the logical time for local schools to engage in conversations about including these groups at events. These restrictions also apply to all other MHSAA sports.


Concessions are prohibited for indoor events in Phase 4.
Outdoor concessions are permitted, with physical distancing requirements in place.


A 9th grade or JV team playing prior to a varsity game may remain onsite with facial coverings and physical distancing and are considered participants for the duration of the event. 



An email was sent to MHSAA member schools on Sept. 10, 2020 regarding face coverings related to fall sports as a result of newly issued EO-180 (9-9-20) which rescinds section 7(b) of EO-176.

Consult the full document here
Summary: Athletes in cross country, golf, girls swimming & diving and tennis are not required to wear facial coverings while in active participation. Athletes in football, soccer and volleyball are required to wear facial coverings while in active and non-active participation. Athletes not in active participation and all other individuals are to wear facial coverings at all other times. Contests may not be played unless all participants adhere to face covering requirements.

Since they are not part of the playing rules, officials continue to have no role in the enforcement of facial coverings for players, coaches or spectators.



Valid regular-season contracts for Weeks 4-9 should be honored. If two schools mutually consent to the dissolution of a game contract, both parties would be free to pursue other game opportunities. Past practice with contracts will be enforced (i.e. a school that violates a contract may not play another game on that date and the original contracted opponent receives a win/forfeit).


Teams must play in at least four (4) contests to be tournament eligible.

Football tournament format and tournament dates are forthcoming.


Once a school declares its intent to participate in the MHSAA Football tournament season in Fall 2020, it foregoes the opportunity for football in Spring 2021.



The Coaches Requirements deadline for Fall 2020 has been changed to Thursday, September 24. This means that requirements for the head coaches rules meeting, sub-varsity coaches rules meetings, CAP and CPR for head varsity coaches now have a deadline date of no later than Thursday, September 24. Please do not wait until the last minute to complete these requirements. 

The date for rules meeting completion for fall sports officials remains the same – Thursday, September 17. 



Both indoor and outdoor facilities are open in all Regions. Facilities should be frequently sanitized. Small groups, face coverings and physical distancing should be practiced when possible.



If the school permits, middle school sports (including football) are allowed. MHSAA guidelines, season length limitations, and Return-to-Play documents must be followed.  The 16 Spring Sport Player-Coach Voluntary Contact Days are NOT extended to Middle School this fall. 



If the school permits, regular out-of-season activity (four-player rule, open gyms, etc.) may resume following all safety protocols and with facial coverings at all times. Physical distancing should be practiced to the extent compatible with the sport.  Safety protocols will be posted soon on each sport home page. MHSAA Out-of-Season Coaching regulations continue to apply.



Traditional spring sports holding their seasons as previously scheduled (Baseball, Softball, Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Boys & Girls Track, Girls Tennis, Boys Golf) are permitted 16 voluntary contact days in Fall 2020.  Sport-specific protocols are on each sport’s home page of 
General clarifications can be found here:
16 Coach Player Contact Days

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